qpush behavior

Chad Skeeters goobsoft at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 21 16:43:21 CDT 2007

I have a suggestion to make mercurial and queues more newbie friendly.

When you grab code that is not in mercurial and a patch, you have to init, qinit, add, commit, qimport, and qpush.  If you add but don't commit when you qpush, you will get a nice appropriate error message "abort: local changes found, refresh first".  If you forget to add or commit rather than getting a similar message, the import works.  I think it adds the file for you and applies the patch.  The bad part is that when you qpop the patch, the file effected will be deleted and there is no message saying so.  After thinking about this issue, I suggest that qpush not apply to files that have not been added.  patchbomb to come.

Is there a reason for qpush to not abort when applying to un-added files?


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