[RFC] dirstate walk speedup

Bryan O'Sullivan bos at serpentine.com
Fri Sep 28 01:44:13 CDT 2007

This patch speeds up dirstate walk performance substantially.

Here are some timings on a current kernel tree (22529 files), from my 
laptop running 2.6.22.  Numbers courtesy of "hg --time st".


crew		4.62	 0%		0.90	 0%
fallback	4.38	 5%		0.78	13%
normal		4.18	10%		0.59	35%

The patch simply replaces calls to os.listdir with calls to 
osutil.listdir, which stats directory entries as soon as it does a readdir.

There are two versions of the osutil module: a pure Python version, 
which is still faster than the current code that calls os.listdir 
directly, and a C extension module that does a few extra tricks: it 
doesn't call lstat at all if it can avoid it, and it calls fstatat 
instead of lstat if available, reducing dentry lookups.

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