[RFC] dirstate walk speedup

Bryan O'Sullivan bos at serpentine.com
Fri Sep 28 09:04:11 CDT 2007

Emanuele Aina wrote:
> Unfortunately the C extension does not compile on a Debian i386 32bit 
> with Python 2.4, as readdir64 needs _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE to be defined 
> and Py_ssize_t exists only in Python >= 2.5. :(

Thanks - I fixed the two of those problems.

> Maybe you already know, but to easily test cold cache performances you 
> can free pagecache, dentries and inodes caches with 'echo 3 > 
> /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches' (as root).

Yes, that's how I tested this.

> Also what about using ctypes to minimize the duplication between the 
> pure-python and the optimized code?

There's no duplication to speak of.  Also, since ctypes isn't bundled 
with 2.3 or 2.4, it wouldn't be very useful.


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