[PATCH 0 of 5] several changes for resolve and merge

S. Heimberg simohe at besonet.ch
Wed Aug 6 15:11:48 CDT 2008

Improve the merge process, several changes for the commands merge and

merge and resolve [Patch 3..5]:
add option --tool=xxx which forces the merge tool
  Advantage on systems which do nat have a quick way for setting a
  In the default section, a tool can be forced (example for users who want
to work as with imerge: defaults::merge = tool=internal:fail)
  With the alias extionsion, short commands for certain tools can be
specified (example: alias::m_local = merge -tool=internal:local)

resolve [Patch 1,2]:
support walkopts (-I and -X):
  little code change, practically to use
output of resolve -l in same format as hg status:
  Advantage on systems with a different path separator (allows copy and

I have sent patch 1 already once, but because patch 5 does changes in the
same region of a file, I resend it here.

The patches do not break the test suite.

Should some patches be folded into one patch? Should it not be one patch
serie? Are some things done in the wrong place? Every feedback is welcome.

mpm: Is it OK to set the tool with os.env['HGMERGE'] and checking as done
in patch 3?

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