Release/version dependencies

Adrian Buehlmann adrian at
Fri Aug 8 03:35:39 CDT 2008

What is the recommended best strategy for other projects
that use/include the Mercurial code to choose Mercurial

We had some discussion over at TortoiseHG, because
the THG team wants and has taken the two months old
Mercurial 1.0.1 code for its brand new release
(0.4rc4, released on 2008-08-04, [1]).

On 2008-08-04, I for one would have taken crew-stable tip,
mostly because of 08d9e0f974d9 [2].

Is it a bad idea to take crew-stable (or Matt's stable)
if a dependent project wants to bake a new binary

What is crew-stable (or main-stable) intended for?

Are there any recommendations?


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