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Sat Feb 2 07:57:00 CST 2008

* Vincent Danjean < at> [20070307 19:36]:
> Thomas Arendsen Hein a écrit :
> > I thought about this, too, but then struggled how to say it clear
> > and short.
> > 
> > "Without any option" is not true, this applies only to the options
> > which currently have "only" in their name, i.e. 'hg st -C' won't
> > turn off -mardu.
> hg status [OPTION]... [FILE]...
> show changed files in the working directory
>     Show status of files in the repository.  If names are given, only
>     files that match are shown. Without any of the [Amardcui] options,
>     the default -mardu is used (ie files that are clean or ignored are
>     not listed).
> [...]
>  -A --all        show status of all files
>  -m --modified   show modified files
>  -a --added      show added files
> ...
>   While we are at help text, I would find very useful a reference
> to 'hg update' in 'hg branch' and 'hg revert' as a way to switch to
> another branch (or revision). I took me some time to find it (I did
> not have internet and google when I searched for it)
>   For example :
> ***************
> hg revert [OPTION]... [-r REV] [NAME]...
> [...]
>     Revert modifies the working directory.  It does not commit any
>     changes, or change the parent of the working directory (see
>     'hg update' for this).  If you
>     revert to a revision other than the parent of the working
>     directory, the reverted files will thus appear modified
>     afterwards.
> **************
> hg branch [NAME]
> set or show the current branch name
>     With <name>, set the current branch name. Otherwise, show the
>     current branch name.
>     To switch to another (existing) branch, see 'hg update'.

I committed changes to the help of status/branch/branches to crew
(5d91f6e6f841 and d1fe1a4eb2b7). The help for revert already
contains a hint for hg update.


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