filemerge: A feature request

Steve Borho steve at
Wed Feb 6 00:51:13 CST 2008

On Wed, 2008-02-06 at 12:01 +0530, dhruva wrote:
> Hi,
>  since there is a function to check the file type (if binary based on
> embedded nulls), i was wondering if it made sensee to have it in core

filemerge does consult util.binary() to determine whether a tool can
merge a particular file.  By default, merge tools are assumed to not be
capable of handling binary files so unless you've manually specified a
tool that can handle binary files, filemerge falls back to giving the
user a choice between the local and other versions.

You can specify a binary merging tool in the merge-tools specification.

mytool.args = $local $base $other
mytool.binary = true

However, there's no explicit way to say:  binary -> internal:local

I can't say if that's a generic enough feature to warrant inclusion,
when you can get there through other means.

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