filemerge: A feature request

Jesse Glick jesse.glick at
Wed Feb 6 13:05:11 CST 2008

Thomas Arendsen Hein wrote:
>> Perhaps we should instead replace/fix ConfigParser. Do we document
>> "name: val" anywhere?
> I don't think so and as this yields more surprises than good

Such as that this is not permitted:

re:^foo$ = gunzip

> Bonus points for having ordered entries in sections to make e.g. encode/decode happy

Well the main problem with current Hg I have run into is that a Windows 
user with

** = cleverdecode:

in mercurial.ini cannot use any other filters because '**' sorts at the 
top. (Current workaround is to use '{}**' in mercurial.ini as it sorts 
late.) Having ordered sections would help only if .hg/hgrc entries were 
put at the front of the list, before global entries.

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