[PATCH] use iso8601-compliant dates by default (issue812)

Dirkjan Ochtman dirkjan at ochtman.nl
Fri Feb 8 00:02:45 CST 2008

Matt Mackall wrote:
> As discussed on IRC, this changes output from way too many commands that
> our users are likely to be parsing with custom tools. We can't risk
> breaking users' toys just to be prettier.

I was thinking about this some more yesterday night, and I wondered if 
it wouldn't be possible to have some of this. I think the original bug 
report was about diffs, not log output. Additionally, I think most 
people don't go about writing diff parsers as one-offs and hacks, and 
existing diff parsers already cope with output like this as something 
like GNU diff already uses a similar date format.

So how about just changing the date format for diffs, but not for log?



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