KeyError exceptions importing from CVS

Frank A. Kingswood frank at
Mon Feb 11 13:43:37 CST 2008

Frank A. Kingswood wrote:
> Matt Mackall wrote:
>> Ok, looks like we should trust Ancestor branch if nothing tells us
>> otherwise. Try this:
>> diff -r 7d53ca113e35 hgext/convert/
>> --- a/hgext/convert/	Wed Feb 06 20:44:25 2008 -0600
>> +++ b/hgext/convert/	Fri Feb 08 17:01:18 2008 -0600
> With that one change it runs OK on my simple test case. I'll try it on 
> something bigger and report later.

I found no other issues with this, and would be happy for it to go in.

Mind you, cvsps has issues of its own and it would be good not to have 
to rely on it.


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