tla/baz detection and tla username

Patrick Mézard pmezard at
Tue Feb 12 17:20:29 CST 2008

Hello Aleix,

Mercurial Commits a écrit :
> 2 new changesets in mercurial/crew:
> changeset:   6074:ebc23d34102f
> user:        Aleix Conchillo Flaque <aleix at>
> date:        Tue Feb 12 10:38:34 2008 +0100
> summary:     convert: added gnu arch (baz) tests
> changeset:   6075:ea34059b89de
> tag:         tip
> user:        Aleix Conchillo Flaque <aleix at>
> date:        Tue Feb 12 11:35:06 2008 +0100
> summary:     convert: added GNU Arch (tla) tests and related fixes

I had 2 issues with the tla and baz tests (tla 1.3.5, baz 1.4.2):
- tests fail if tla username is not set and I could not find a way to set it locally with an environment variable. I have added a warning in the beginning of the tests to explain what has to be done. Thomas suggested to skip the test by detecting this with hghave. Maybe you have a better solution.
- the baz test failed with both tools setup. I guess tla cannot handle repositories generated with baz, but the opposite seemed to be true (at least on my system), so I just reversed the detection logic in Is that correct ?

Patrick Mézard

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