tla/baz detection and tla username

Patrick Mézard pmezard at
Wed Feb 13 02:30:30 CST 2008

Aleix Conchillo Flaqué a écrit :
> On Feb 13, 2008 12:42 AM, Patrick Mézard <pmezard at> wrote:
> While I was coding the converter I tested it and it worked fine, that
> is, I created a baz repo and convert it via tla and the opposite.
> I have tested it again and works fine. I have also converted a 878
> patch repo created with baz via tla and also works.
> What error do you get?

After reverting to 81a8667331e8 parent:

$ python test-convert-baz

ERROR: test-convert-baz output changed
--- Expected output 
+++ Test output 
@@ -47,29 +47,6 @@
 % converting baz repo to Mercurial
 initializing destination baz-repo-hg repository
 analyzing tree version baz at mercurial--convert/baz--test--0...
-scanning source...
-5 initial import
-4 added a file, src and src/b (binary)
-3 added link to a and modify a
-2 added second link and modify b
-1 file to link and link to file test
-0 move and rename a-link-2 file and src directory
+tla error:
+archive registered?abort: tla exited with status 2
 % show graph log
-o  5 "move and rename a-link-2 file and src directory" files: c src/a-link src/a-link-2 src/b test/a-link test/b
-o  4 "file to link and link to file test" files: src/a-link-2 src/b
-o  3 "added second link and modify b" files: src/a-link-2 src/b
-o  2 "added link to a and modify a" files: a src/a-link
-o  1 "added a file, src and src/b (binary)" files: a src/b
-o  0 "initial import" files:
-c4072c4b72e1cabace081888efa148ee80ca3cbb 644   a
-e3207be798aaf87a444a62903621edab4ddc1fb6 644   c
-1f6b5bb93f1da278ef1fead1e4740a03d8802e9f 644 @ test/a-link
-1f6b5bb93f1da278ef1fead1e4740a03d8802e9f 644 @ test/b
# Ran 1 tests, 0 skipped, 1 failed.

Patrick Mézard

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