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Thomas Arendsen Hein thomas at
Thu Feb 14 03:54:26 CST 2008

* Aleix Conchillo Flaqué <aleix at> [20080214 09:53]:
> comming from baz/tla I was missing config files. With config files you  
> could add repository dependencies (normally external libraries which  
> resided in other arch repos), then using the build-config command one  
> could get the dependencies in an easy way.

Did you look at the forest extension? This looks like a very similar
use case.

> +    [extensions]
> +    deps =

I think better "hgext.deps =", though the other will work, too.

> +    [1.0]
> +    f24139319bdb    libfoo    lib/foo
> +    e296e11a9bc5    libbar    lib/bar
> +
> +    [0.9.1]
> +    3a9b061bada1    libfoo    lib/foo
> +    89b6ae79bc88    libbar    lib/bar

Do I understand correctly?

[foo] is the current repo's tag or revision and this list says:
Tag or revision "foo" or children thereof need f24139319bdb (or
children thereof) of libfoo and e296e11a9bc5 (or children) of libbar
unless there is another section requiring newer revisions?

I think the .hgdeps file would only need to have the current set of
dependencies, if it is part of the repository. This has the added
benefit that it can be kept up to date between tagged versions.


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