deps: repository dependencies extension

Aleix Conchillo Flaqué aleix at
Thu Feb 14 05:05:00 CST 2008

On Feb 14, 2008, at 10:54 AM, Thomas Arendsen Hein wrote:

> Did you look at the forest extension? This looks like a very similar
> use case.

To say the truth, not really. :-) But looking at it now, I am not sure  
if its exactly the same, I will look at it deeply. Thanks for pointing  

>> +    [extensions]
>> +    deps =
> I think better "hgext.deps =", though the other will work, too.


>> +    [1.0]
>> +    f24139319bdb    libfoo    lib/foo
>> +    e296e11a9bc5    libbar    lib/bar
>> +
>> +    [0.9.1]
>> +    3a9b061bada1    libfoo    lib/foo
>> +    89b6ae79bc88    libbar    lib/bar
> Do I understand correctly?
> [foo] is the current repo's tag or revision and this list says:
> Tag or revision "foo" or children thereof need f24139319bdb (or
> children thereof) of libfoo and e296e11a9bc5 (or children) of libbar
> unless there is another section requiring newer revisions?

[foo] can be anything, but most times will be a tag, and there can be  
as many as you want. You can also use another name, like in local tags.

With depsclone you get the revision of external dependencies at  
specified time. For example, if I want to restore version 0.9.1 and  
its dependencies, I will do:

$ hg clone myptoject
$ hg depsclone 0.9.1
$ hg update -r 0.9.1

Now I can build version 0.9.1 with the correct versions. Of course,  
you can update to 0.9.1 and get dependencies of 1.0, but that would  
possibly break your build.

> I think the .hgdeps file would only need to have the current set of
> dependencies, if it is part of the repository. This has the added
> benefit that it can be kept up to date between tagged versions.

As I say in the help, you can add dependencies when you want, as tags.  
This has the inconvenience, that if you update the repository to a  
certain tag, the .hgdeps will not exist, so before updating to that  
tag you need to get dependencies first. The right way, would be as you  
say,  you first update to a tag revision and then you get dependencies.

Another possible feature that a friend of mine told me is to extend  
the extension not only to Mercurial repositories, but anything. For  

aliases = libfoo = :pserver:anonymous at = cvs -z3 -r $TAG -d$SOURCE co $DEST

In .hgdeps:

v1_r2	libfoo	lib/foo

The cvs source, tag and destination would be mapped to the command  


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