[PATCH 2 of 2] bundlerepo: fix inconsistency of parsed and internal name (issue #821)

Thomas Arendsen Hein thomas at intevation.de
Sat Feb 16 02:37:50 CST 2008

* Peter Arrenbrecht <peter.arrenbrecht at gmail.com> [20080216 08:57]:
> Hmm. I've tried again, but I cannot reproduce the findings I mentioned
> in the original bug report about repo+bundle breaking a lot of tests.
> Using bundle+repo would break a test now, but that is a test I
> introduced myself a while ago when fixing the `hg -R repo pull bundle`
> stuff (issue 820).
> Nevertheless, the current patches _are_ of the form
> bundle://path/to/repo+/path/to/bundlename and pass all tests. I just
> updated to hg+crew and ran them again (convert-* and no-symlinks were
> skipped). They also add a dedicated test for this issue.
> So I don't think I can explain other than by stipulating a confused
> state of mind when I wrote the original report. :(
> But I think the current patches are good. Any objections? Do you still
> need me to resubmit?

Pushed the original patches to crew.


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