RFC: Managing Mercurial Repositories Remotely

Marcin Kasperski Marcin.Kasperski at softax.com.pl
Wed Feb 20 06:04:28 CST 2008

I have mixed feelings about allowing remote activities throught HTTP,
in many cases people serve via HTTP not SSH just because they want to
avoid giving users too much freedom...

On the other hand, I'd fairly like if there were some glue for SSH
access, for example

   hg remote myserver commit -m "bla bla"

which would simply resolved remote location using hgrc, ssh-ed there
and executed given command. Such command would not bring anything new
comparing to ssh-ing manually, but simply and just make life easier
for those who frequently work on a few repositories simultaneusly.

   hg commit -m "Blah blah"
   hg push myserver
   ssh myserver                # Making mistake in host name once      ;-)
   cd MyRepositories/MyProject # Making mistake in dir name twice here ;-)
   hg update


   hg commit -m "Blah blah"
   hg push myserver
   hg remote myserver update

or even (if using default remote)

   hg commit -m "Blah blah"
   hg push
   hg remote update

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