Thomas Arendsen Hein thomas at
Thu Feb 28 16:34:16 CST 2008

* Florent Guillaume <fg at> [20080228 01:46]:
> I'm considering integrating the forest extension directly into the  
> main hg commands, so that for instance you can "hg pull" and if forest  
> is enabled it would do the equivalent of current "hg fpull".

This is a good idea. I thought the same for pull on a repo cloned
with qclone to avoid the confusing qpull (where qpush means
something completely different).

> I have code organization questions: would you prefer that I just add a  
> small stub to call forest stuff in, or the code in whole  
> in, or modify things at the level, or something else?

Doing this at the Python API level has the benefit that it is not
only used by the command line, but e.g. by frontends, too.

> Also, should forest commands be able to move "up" to detect the root  
> of the forest, so that you can (for instance) pull from anywhere  
> inside the forest?

Not sure about that, sounds like too much magic.


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