[PATCH] Limit merge to the current named branch

Dirkjan Ochtman dirkjan at ochtman.nl
Fri Jun 6 15:23:25 CDT 2008

Petersen, Allen wrote:
> # HG changeset patch
> # User Allen Petersen <allen.petersen at hstx.com> # Date 1212634241 -43200
> # Node ID 4cde10836cf097dae7c5397a68ad77a6ba3c72bd
> # Parent  d6caebe9c293094e578eb9f5494cc7d711f34293
> Limit merge to the current named branch.
> Adding a feature to limit the scope of a merge to the current named
> branch.  This new behavior is activated only if the
> 'single-branch-merge' option is set to True in the [ui] section of the
> hgrc. The behavior can also be overridden with an '-a' option on the
> command line.

Like Adrian mentioned, I think this is a good idea. However, I think we 
want it to be so that

(a) it only selects heads from the same named branch for a bare call to 
hg merge, that is, without any revision arguments, by default

(b) it still accepts heads from any other branch when explicitly stated 
as an argument on the commandline

This would make it nicely intuitive, I think.

Can you come up with a new patch, and, if at all possible, some testcases?



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