[PATCH] Strip out extraneous parts of the file path when doing a fetch from local repo

Thomas Arendsen Hein thomas at intevation.de
Sun Mar 2 14:19:41 CST 2008

* Jesse Glick <jesse.glick at sun.com> [20080302 19:45]:
> Anyway all this is just about a commit message, so perfection is 
> unnecessary. The trouble is that currently information about people's 
> private disk setups "leak" into public view, e.g.
>    http://hg.netbeans.org/main/rev/8c03dbfe61a7
> which is not very nice.

I'd vote for completely dropping paths for local repositories.
This can easily be checked with hg.islocal() or repo.local()

The directory name might be private, too, e.g.
"fixes-for-customer-xyz" (or just "xyz", which might be as
problematic as the long name).

On a second thought even http/ssh repos might contain private names,
so should the path be removed everywhere unless one configures fetch
to enable it?


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