Patch updated

David Soria Parra sn_ at
Thu Mar 6 05:20:52 CST 2008

> function hg() {
>     command hg "$@" | crufty_pager
> }
> where crufty_pager is a script that reads its input and if it finds more 
> than 25 lines fires up $PAGER, and otherwise just writes them to stdout.
definatly a good idea as long as we can have it in mercurial direct,
because otherwise I can just use aliases in bash. Therefore to be able
to support that feature on windows (even it is not very common) we stick
better with the python solution, don't we? I'm not sure about that as
I'm not that much in mercurial development especially not on windows

it depends on what we want to do in the future. When we want to do a
more complex logic, then the python way is better (even i think there is
not such a case)

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