hg status issue on Windows with network servers

TK Soh teekaysoh at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 04:42:07 CDT 2008

We recently added a netapp file server that serve both Unix (NFS) and
Windows (CIFS) users. Naturally, I use Mercurial on both platforms.

I mapped the server on XP (SP2) to drive X:, open a cmd window in a
repo that has been reported clean by 'hg st' on Unix (the repo has
been created and maintained on Unix), and entered 'hg st' command,
then a list of files showed up as being modified, while 'hg diff
--git' give an empty output. It turns out that these files have had
their executable permission bits enabled.

I was later informed by our sys admin that CIFS does not support the
'x' bits. Apparently Hg on Windows is not able to cope with this issue
and reported the x'ed files as being modified.

I wonder if this may be caused by an issue within Hg, and hopeful one
with possible workaround?

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