Closing branches during hg convert

Frank A. Kingswood frank at
Wed Mar 12 14:58:03 CDT 2008


I've been playing around importing some CVS repositories into Mercurial.

At the end of such an import one generally ends up with many branches 
that are out of date, and possibly have been merged in CVS into the HEAD.

Of course, cvsps does not see the merges, and if one merges the branches 
into tip by hand, then the result is a tree that does not really 
represent reality.

Because I had quite a lot of trouble with cvsps not generating correct 
output (missing files and changesets) for my repository, I have already 
written a Python replacement (that just calls cvs rlog).

My cvsps code could probably be integrated into convert/ without 
too much trouble, and it could be modified to read some sort of control 
file listing branches to be closed (and at what date, for example).
Fixing up the CVS repository is impractical.

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on how branches should be 
closed during an import?


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