[PATCH 0 of 6] Grab bag of patches I've been maintaining.

Eric M. Hopper hopper at omnifarious.org
Thu Mar 13 22:34:04 CDT 2008

On Thu, 2008-03-13 at 15:04 -0700, Eric Hopper wrote:
> This is just a grab bag of various patches I maintain myself.  Two of
> them I think are definitely ready for inclusion.  Others are either not
> really ready or simply highly questionable.

To be clear, I think patch 1 and 2 in the series are good.

I think patches 3, 4 and 5 have various problems but are worth looking
at and maybe including.  In fact, looking more carefully, I think patch
4 is definitely worth including though I think the comment is bad.  And
I think 5 is possibly worth including, though I think it would be
introducing an option that would go away eventually.

3 has a definite problem even though it makes relinking relink a lot
more files.

I like patch 6 and it's perfectly decent code and has no problems to
speak of, but it's controversial because it causes clients to send more
information about themselves to servers.

A word is nothing more or less than the series of historical
connotations given to it. That's HOW we derive meaning, and to claim
that there is an arbitrary meaning of words above and beyond the way
people use them is a blatant misunderstanding of the nature of language.
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