[issue1039] hg serve --webdir-conf hgweb.config fails with TypeError: mq_walkrepos()

OHASHI Hideya mercurial-bugs at selenic.com
Mon Mar 17 20:58:30 CDT 2008

New submission from OHASHI Hideya <ohachige at gmail.com>:

I'm using mercurial-crew with 'make clean && make local'
I've got following error.

$ mkdir pub
$ cd pub
pub$ hg init a
pub$ cd ..
$ ls
hgweb.config  pub
$ cat hgweb.config
pub = pub
$ hg serve --webdir-conf hgweb.config
** unknown exception encountered, details follow
** report bug details to http://www.selenic.com/mercurial/bts
** or mercurial at selenic.com
** Mercurial Distributed SCM (version 07d0f38c55c2)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/ohashi/hg/mercurial-crew/hg", line 20, in ?
  File "mercurial/dispatch.py", line 20, in run
  File "mercurial/dispatch.py", line 29, in dispatch
  File "mercurial/dispatch.py", line 45, in _runcatch
  File "mercurial/dispatch.py", line 364, in _dispatch
  File "mercurial/dispatch.py", line 417, in _runcommand
  File "mercurial/dispatch.py", line 373, in checkargs
  File "mercurial/dispatch.py", line 356, in <lambda>
  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/commands.py", line 2485, in serve

  File "/home/ohashi/hg/mercurial-crew/mercurial/cmdutil.py", line 530, in service
  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/commands.py", line 2464, in init

  File "mercurial/hgweb/server.py", line 295, in create_server
  File "mercurial/hgweb/server.py", line 254, in __init__
  File "mercurial/hgweb/server.py", line 247, in make_handler
  File "mercurial/hgweb/hgwebdir_mod.py", line 58, in __init__
TypeError: mq_walkrepos() got an unexpected keyword argument 'followsym'

messages: 5637
nosy: ohachige
priority: bug
status: unread
title: hg serve --webdir-conf hgweb.config fails with TypeError: mq_walkrepos()

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