Google Summer of Code & Partial cloning

Rafael Villar Burke pachi at
Wed Mar 19 07:06:28 CDT 2008

Frédéric wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a french student, currently studying in Finland.
> I'm also Mercurial user and I discovered that you are selected to take
> part in the Google summer of code 2008.
> I find the subject about partial cloning pretty interesting.
> Personally I've ever been disappointed in not being able to use this
> feature that is present in some others version control systems (like
> Subversion for instance).
> I have a good knowledge of Python and I have ever done a successful
> Google summer of code last year.
> Unfortunately, I have some exams to take this week and I'm sorry for
> not having enough time to give you more details.
> But I will give you more informations about my ideas and my skills
> related to this project as soon as possible.
This all sounds like exciting news for mercurial users :).
I hope you already know about the overlay repositories concept Brendan
has been working on, which relates to the partial clone / shared repos
and obliteration features. There's some more information here:


Rafael Villar Burke

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