[Google SOC] Rebase command

Stefano stefano at inventati.org
Wed Mar 26 06:55:57 CDT 2008

Peter Arrenbrecht wrote:
>>  echo -e "\n-- User a wants to cherry-pick just the Y-feature"
>>  # Something like:
>>  # cd $BASEDIR/user_a
>>  # hg rebase user_b -r 2
> This would probably be "hg transplant" rather than rebase, but with
> transplant augmented to do proper three-way merge. This is part of
> what your work would encompass.

Ok, I think it would be nice if it was possible to select various 
revisions to transplant.
e.g. hg transplant -r x:y

>>  cd $BASEDIR && rm -rf Master user_a user_b a_1
> In both cases, don't just append. Use a base file with a number of
> predefined lines, then make the changes modify lines that are a few
> lines apart. Otherwise three-way merge will give you conflicts. But I
> think the most interesting case is where it does not.
Indeed I thought the issue was related in resolving the conflict, but I 
figure out how to do that.
I'll modify the tests this evening.

Thank you again,

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