[Google SOC] Rebase command

Stefano stefano at inventati.org
Wed Mar 26 12:26:40 CDT 2008

Patrick Mézard ha scritto:
> Peter Arrenbrecht a écrit :
>> On Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 12:31 PM, Stefano <stefano at inventati.org> wrote:
>>> Peter Arrenbrecht wrote:
>>>  echo -e "\n-- User a wants to cherry-pick just the Y-feature"
>>>  # Something like:
>>>  # cd $BASEDIR/user_a
>>>  # hg rebase user_b -r 2
>> This would probably be "hg transplant" rather than rebase, but with
>> transplant augmented to do proper three-way merge. This is part of
>> what your work would encompass.
> I would not focus too much about cherry-picking in the beginning, a working branch rebasing command looks like a good first milestone to me.
Ok, so the first milestone would be a version that allows 
non-interruptible branch rebasing.
Next I could focus on dealing with interruptions and then on cherry-picking.
Obviously, I'll detail more the single phases...

Anyway, may I ask who would be my mentor?
I have few days left and I'm going to write a draft of application, so 
I'd like to know if there's
going to be someone who will patiently read it.


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