GSoC Project: Instantaneous status on Mac OS X

Michael Dippery mdippery at
Thu Mar 27 15:02:43 CDT 2008


I recently saw that Mercurial is a mentoring organization for the  
Google Summer of Code 2008. I was very happy to see this. I'm an avid  
user of Mercurial and would *love* to contribute to the project. I  
only started using Mercurial a few months ago, but I already like it  
a lot more than SVN and Git, which I've used previously.

I checked your page and saw that you have a project regarding  
instantaneous status on Windows and Mac OS X. I'm a Mac OS X user,  
and I'd love to contribute to this specific project. I'm interested  
because it would allow me to combine my knowledge of Mac OS X  
programming with work on Mercurial. I've written software for OS X  
for several years, but I've recently begun experimenting with Python,  
and I've found Python to be much more fun. However, it would be  
really cool to combine these two areas of knowledge.

I'm not terribly familiar with the inotify extension on Linux, but I  
checked some docs and saw that it appears to consist of a daemon that  
listens for changes to the file system. Mercurial then talks to this  
daemon to get FS changes when `hg status' is run. Is this correct? If  
so, I think something along these lines would be fun to implement on  
OS X -- anything to make Mercurial run more efficiently on my own  

Anyway, as I said, I have plenty of experience writing OS X software,  
and I've been working with Python for a few months. I'm certainly not  
an expert in Python programming, but I'm excited to improve my  
skills. I'm also going to grad school next fall, and I'd love to  
spend the summer before grad school gaining more experience writing  
"real world" software.

Do you have any helpful tips about this project that I should keep in  
mind as I write my proposal for Google?

Thanks a lot,

Michael Dippery
mdippery at

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