execute bit change in hg status output

Dan Nicolaescu dann at ics.uci.edu
Sun May 4 13:21:49 CDT 2008


AFAICT "hg status" does not have a way to indicate just an execute bit

Such an information is useful for the user.  If this information was
available, emacs could show it in the directory status display.

Can this info be provided in an easy to parse form in the "hg status" output?

Right now the situation is a bit confusing for users if a file has just
been marked as executable, but not changed otherwise.  Such a file will
be shown as "modified", but if the user asks for the diff with C-x v =,
the diff shows nothing.  (emacs does not pass by default --git to "hg diff" 
because that would produce by default diffs incompatible with "patch")

It would also be great if "hg diff" had a flag that when used would
produce patch compatible diffs when only the text of the file has
changed, and produce the --git output otherwise.

Obviously all these are not only useful for emacs, but for all GUIs.



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