[PATCH] Updated *sh://host... patch

Peter Kourzanov peter.kourzanov at nxp.com
Tue May 20 05:34:41 CDT 2008


  It is a little strange to specify --ssh=rsh ssh://host/path... Isn't it
much more precise and consistent to
just use rsh://host/path?

  Nevertheless, I can work on submission of a patch that will have --ssh
override the *sh:// specification,
if there is any chance of getting it in the mainline.



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                                       Re: [PATCH] Updated *sh://host...   

2008/3/21 Pjotr Kourzanov <peter.kourzanov at xs4all.nl>:
> Patch subject is complete summary.
> 2 files changed, 14 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)
> mercurial/hg.py      |    9 +++++++--
> mercurial/sshrepo.py |   13 +++++++------

(Can you try to send the messages inline ?)

About your patch, is there a reason why you can't use the --ssh
(or ui.ssh in .hgrc) option ?

> -        sshcmd = self.ui.config("ui", "ssh", "ssh")
> +        # TODO bogus: sshcmd = self.ui.config("ui", "ssh", "ssh")
> +        sshcmd = m.group(1)
In any case if this patch goes in, it needs to continue to support --ssh.


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