[RFC] qdelete -> qpromote?

Dirkjan Ochtman dirkjan at ochtman.nl
Wed May 21 07:09:25 CDT 2008

Usage of qdel with -r (promoting MQ changesets to normal hg changesets) is a
little weird, because "saving to history" isn't exactly congruent with command
called "delete" or "remove". I propose we move the -r functionality out of qdel
into a new command called qpromote, which takes one argument (the revision or
revision range to promote). Possibly, there could be a default of qbase:qtip if
no argument is specified. I think this makes an important MQ command much easier
to discover for new users, and, especially with the default argument, easier to

piranha in IRC proposes hg qexport, which is nicely symmetrical to qimport but
bears very little relation to export, which makes it a weaker choice. qcommit,
which parren likes, is already taken. Any thoughts on this?

I can implement it, but that's the easy part.



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