[PATCH 0 of 5] online help improvements

Johannes Stezenbach js at sig21.net
Sat May 24 16:11:04 CDT 2008


these five patches make some small improvements to the
online help.

The first three are about special help
topics like date formats, file patterns etc.
(The second and third are a bit large because they move text
from the manual page into the online help and redorder it.)
The special help topics are listed with -v.

The fourth patch allows a subset of the command list
to be displayed, which is useful because with many
extensions installed the list gets rather long
(e.g. 'hg help c')

The fifth patch displays a list of extensions with -v
and provides help for extensions with "help -e" even in
those cases where extension name == command name).
I'm not sure if the latter is really useful but I
guess many people don't know about 'hg help mq', which
is what the extension list addresses.


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