[SoC] Rebase feature - Introduction

Patrick Mézard pmezard at gmail.com
Fri May 30 13:29:41 CDT 2008

Stefano Tortarolo a écrit :
> Hi,
> I've been working on my SoC project for some time and now I'm ready to
> show you something...
> I'm also writing a paper to describe what my project consists in. I 
> think it can be useful to create a common field between me and you.
> Currently it's available a very first prototype that can handle very
> simple situations, but can't handle complex ones described in the paper
> nor user interruption/restore.
> Actually, if you try to rebase on the same branch it recognizes that
> situation, but it won't allow you to do that.
> Conflicting merges are not yet well handled, but if you set a mergetool
> in your .hgrc it should be launched correctly, you can solve the
> conflict and then the process goes on.
> Play with it, but remember that it's just a prototype...
> The paper is available here: http://tinyurl.com/4uvebu
> while the code is here: http://freehg.org/u/astratto/soc/


I have read your code at:

changeset:   6:ad9d629afb7c
tag:         tip
user:        Javier Merino <cibervicho at gmail.com>
date:        Mon May 26 20:12:48 2008 +0200
summary:     Avoid try,except,finally clauses because that requires Python 2.5

and here is a couple or remarks about it.

1- We don't document --debug or --verbose options in every commands, they are global options.

2- There is no need for --noask, there is already a global -y/--noninteractive option. It's said to answer "yes" to every question which would change the existing code, but I think "yes" should be the default answer when prompting for the rebase.

3- There is no reason target revision should be a head.

4- I think the repository should be wlocked during the whole operation, you don't want revisions to be added on a branch going to be stripped and so forth.

Good work !

Patrick Mézard

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