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Sat May 31 08:26:26 CDT 2008

  cmdutil.match returns a matcher with /-separated paths in _fmap
  repo.walk returns os.sep-separated paths

As a result, commands.add thinks this is *not* an exact match, so it
reports the addition.

I can fix this with a hack, either by adding some os.normpath calls to
match._match or by some changing the test in commands.abs
(essentially, use a test of "m.exact(abs) or
m.exact(abs.replace('/',os.sep))"). I don't think a cleaner resolution
is practical, though, as the issue runs all through Mercurial's code.

But as it's solely a reporting issue which only occurs on Windows, and
Windows users are used to more verbose commands, it may not be worth
fixing (although fixing the tests will be necessary - redirecting the
output to null should be enough, though).



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