Looking for build slaves

Dirkjan Ochtman dirkjan at ochtman.nl
Wed Nov 5 05:56:02 CST 2008

Hello all,

So a while ago I started a build master for Mercurial. For those who don't know,
buildbot is a package that lets software projects run builds or test suites on
every commit, so it's easy to see when something gets broken. This is especially
useful when dealing with many platforms. Right now, I've added one of my own
servers as a buildbot, and Jesper Noehr, the Bitbucket developer, volunteered
another. These are both Linux running Python 2.5, though.

To make this a lot more useful, it would be helpful if some other people could
volunteer some CPU/memory time on one of their boxes (always-connected boxes are
highly preferred). Basically, this will update and run a full test suite every
time changesets are pushed to crew, meaning we get a good overview of new
breakage, but not more than strictly necessary.

Can anyone help out with this? I've got kbman from IRC who may want to volunteer
a Windows box. We have to see if this is feasible, since the test suite is not
especially friendly to the Windows platform. Someone running FreeBSD would be
good, since we've had some test failures there. People still on Python 2.4 or
2.3 would also be very welcome.

http://builds.xavamedia.nl/waterfall gives a preview of why this is good. The
failures that are there now are incidental. This shows why it's good if we have
some more testing: we can also iron out the incidental failures, making the test
suite that much more useful.



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