[PATCH 0 of 3] gin/out commands for graphlog extension

Alpar Juttner alpar at cs.elte.hu
Fri Nov 21 03:57:24 CST 2008


The first two patches implement the graphlog counterpart of the standard
'incoming' and 'outgoing' commands. They understand the same options
except for --newest-first.

The third patch wraps the original log, incoming and outgoing commands and
extends them with a --graph option. It also checks whether the other given
options are compatible with the --graph.

I also kept the glog/gincoming/goutgoing commands because

 - In this way 'help graphlog' will display them
 - Users may want to use different default options (e.g. --style) for the
   graphical and the standard version. It is easier to configure if the
   command name is different.

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