Separator character change for files ({files} key) in log

Berkes Adam adam.berkes at
Wed Nov 26 11:17:04 CST 2008

Bill Barry írta:
> What is the point of making the separator char a parameter if it is 
> always ';'? Do you intend to make it configurable?
Hi Barry,

I would like put the least impact on the system this way. All other keys 
remains intact, as space separator might good for them, and I also do 
not want to analyze what separator might be good for them (tag(s) key, 
branch(es) key for log uses the same function). For a filesystem object 
identification ';' is in general a good choice I think, and my 
orientation was to solve certain problems with filename spaces in files 
part of log output of hg command (parsing purposes).
Anyway, I would also prefer a configurable value, but I can't think this 
on its own is a big issue (but more a 'cosmetical' change).


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