Separator character change for files ({files} key) in log

Bill Barry after.fallout at
Wed Nov 26 11:36:45 CST 2008

Berkes Adam wrote:

I too would like to see a solution to this problem, but I am not sure 
this is the way to go. It seems to me that what we need for this is some 
sort of higher level approach. Spaces or semicolons are fine for a 
command line output when it will be read by people, but it should be 
configurable somehow.

For instance in my CCNET mercurial patch I could really use some kind of 
--template parameter setting which would surround each individual file 
with an xml tag (it would provide a much more elegant solution than 
having to do a string.split on ';' after already doing an xml parse on 
the output.

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