Separator character change for files ({files} key) in log

Berkes Adam adam.berkes at
Thu Nov 27 02:48:50 CST 2008

Matt Mackall írta:
> On Wed, 2008-11-26 at 16:21 +0100, Berkes Adam wrote:
>> See attached patch file
> No can do:
> Anyway, filenames can also contain ';'. The only things they can't
> contain are '\n' and '\0'. And we may eventually make '\n' work too.
For me '\n' would be completely fine. You are right that you can put ';' 
into filenames or directory names but we can agree that is extremly rare 
and dangerous.
I thought it about yesterday evening and in base of Bill ideas, it could 
be the best if ALL changelog information can be available by an {xml} 
key (or a -xml output command parameter) for log (with a predefined 
xsl/dtd for that).
My base problem is that rev/node/branch/tag/file/comment information is 
available in but you have to  play a lot around valid 
key/template combination or even look into python source which I would 
like to really avoid.
I don't know whether anybody is interested in such solutions...

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