[PATCH] Add ui.width configuration variable

timeless timeless at gmail.com
Sat Aug 1 16:13:00 CDT 2009

Alexander Solovyov  wrote:
> This allows user to define wrapping column for help without using COLUMNS
> environment variable (which will have effect on other tools).

if we were wordsmithing commit messages, and we aren't, you'd want
"allows <the|a> user ... define <the> ...

and then the rest would need to be rewritten as "wrapping column for
help" is quite awkward.

>  ``verbose``
>     Increase the amount of output printed. True or False. Default is False.
> +``width``
> +    Width to which all generated output will be wrapped.

this seems like a strange and passive way of stating the goal. i'm not
certain it's actually a problem, but i'd like to see if anyone else
agrees with my concern. there are other problems too, at least your
commit message mentioned "columns", this help doesn't....

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