[PATCH 1 of 1] Add info about branch names to "help revisions", and other clarifications

Stuart W. Marks smarks at smarks.org
Mon Aug 3 02:15:48 CDT 2009

timeless wrote:
> Stuart W Marks wrote:
> ...stuff about negative numbers...
> what happens if tip is a merge changeset?

Doesn't matter. The parents aren't looked at. If tip is 9302, then rev -2 is 
9301 regardless of the tip's parents.

>> +    name denotes the tipmost revision of that branch. Tag and branch
>> +    names may not contain the ":" character.
> MUST or CAN instead of MAY.

I hadn't changed that wording (just rewrapped the text) but now that you 
mention it "must" does sound better than "may". I'll probably piggyback this 
onto another patch, unless somebody like Martin just fixes this inline.


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