Attention: stripped from crew-stable

Greg Ward greg-hg at
Fri Aug 7 21:38:16 CDT 2009

On Fri, Aug 7, 2009 at 1:32 PM, Stuart W. Marks<smarks at> wrote:
> Following Jesper's suggestion, though, left my crew-stable clone with two
> heads. The tip was of course the same as crew-stable, but the branch leading to
> the second head consisted of all the "extra" changesets. This makes the output
> of "hg outgoing" quite confusing.
> The solution I found was to strip all of changesets reported by "outgoing"
> which can be done easily in this case by stripping starting at the first
> outgoing changeset. For me, this was ada93c6bf554. Thus:

What fortuitous timing: this is a good, if obscure, use case for the
"strip outgoing" idea I proposed on the user list a few days ago.  If
anyone else feels like implementing it, go right ahead.  ;-)

(The competing idea that inspired mine was "find the root of this
branch and strip it"; I think that would have worked here too.)


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