MQ usability

Dirkjan Ochtman dirkjan at
Mon Aug 10 11:25:58 CDT 2009

So people invariably complain that MQ is hard to use. On the other
hand, everyone recognizes that it's also quite powerful. I'd like to
fix the former without losing the latter. Therefore, I have a few
proposals to improve on the current situation:

- remove qgoto, qnext, qprev, qtop: this functionality is already
covered quite well by qpop, qpush, qseries and log.

- possibly remove qsave/qrestore as well, since no one seems to use
them (and many people get confused by them).

- make qrefresh <file> not exclude other files from the patch: this
trips a lot of people up, and the other behavior is often useful, too.

- add a qsplit command to deal with the actual usage of qrefresh for
excluding hunks (interactive mode for this would rock even more).

Other possible niceties:

- make qnew vs. qnew -f more intuitive somehow (I'm really not sure
how, but this usage of -f doesn't really fit in).

- make qpush try a merge instead of throwing .rej files around

Any thoughts?



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