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timeless timeless at
Mon Aug 10 14:45:18 CDT 2009

On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 7:25 PM, Dirkjan Ochtman<dirkjan at> wrote:
> - remove qgoto, qnext, qprev, qtop: this functionality is already
> covered quite well by qpop, qpush, qseries and log.

of these, the only one i use is hg qtop to find out which is the
current active item.
i use qpush target or qpop target instead of qgoto (i guess, i've
never used qgoto, so i'm only guessing)

> - possibly remove qsave/qrestore as well, since no one seems to use
> them (and many people get confused by them).

i've never used them, have seen them mentioned and can't imagine a
use, it seems like one would be better served by removing items from
the series file or something...

> - make qrefresh <file> not exclude other files from the patch: this
> trips a lot of people up, and the other behavior is often useful, too.

having been tripped up by this one recently, this would be somewhat welcome.

> - add a qsplit command to deal with the actual usage of qrefresh for
> excluding hunks (interactive mode for this would rock even more).

sadly, i also use hg qref to *add* files to my patch, so while qsplit
would help me in some cases, i'm still left without a way to add

if qref <directory> let me add files, but qref <file> only refreshed
the specified files, and you left me with qsplit to remove things, i'd
probably be happy.

> - make qnew vs. qnew -f more intuitive somehow (I'm really not sure
> how, but this usage of -f doesn't really fit in).

at this point, i always use qnew -e -f

> - make qpush try a merge instead of throwing .rej files around

that'd be nice

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