MQ usability

Dirkjan Ochtman dirkjan at
Mon Aug 10 15:06:48 CDT 2009

On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 20:24, Bryan O'Sullivan<bos at> wrote:
> I don't see how qgoto is covered by qpop or qpush.

qpop/qpush <patch> seems to do the same thing?

> If qseries had a mode of displaying which patches were applied and which
> not, I'd agree that qnext, qprev, and qtop could go (and in fact qapplied,
> too).

People (Matt, for one) seem to like qapplied/qunapplied... Check
qseries -v (or just qseries with color enabled).

> This worries me, because there's not enough information to do a 3-way merge.
> Perhaps a --merge option might be worth adding, but it shouldn't be the
> default.

Yeah, this is why it was a nicety, I'm not sure how it could be
implemented. It's just something that I've heard people ask for, and
something I've often wanted myself.



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