[issue1788] Mac OS dot file problem

Mike Howard mercurial-bugs at selenic.com
Mon Aug 10 15:52:20 CDT 2009

New submission from Mike Howard <mike at clove.com>:

This is a low frequency event, but a real pain in the butt.

At least one of my hg repositories was corrupted after purchasing a new
macbook and using Apple's automatic copy-your-old-system-to-your-new-one.

Specifically, about 6 files beginning with ._ are missing. These are mostly
named ._ds_store.i and ._bridgesort. [they probably shouldn't have been
there to begin with, but I was new to mercurial]. They are in a backup I
made using 'cp'. [All other dot files seem to be OK - so it's obviously
something in Apple's strange mind]

I tried restoring them by copying from the backup copy on the external disk,
but 'hg verify' is still upset.

Suggest considering an alternate naming convention which avoids leading dot's.

I've a call into Apple to try to find out what is going on from their point
of view.

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status: unread
title: Mac OS dot file problem

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