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Isaac Jurado diptongo at
Mon Aug 10 16:06:08 CDT 2009

Replying Dirkjan Ochtman:
> So people invariably complain that MQ is hard to use. On the other
> hand, everyone recognizes that it's also quite powerful. I'd like to
> fix the former without losing the latter. Therefore, I have a few
> proposals to improve on the current situation:

Aside from these proposals, wasn't there some plan to integrate some
functionality from Attic into MQ?  Or that is a long term issue?

> - make qpush try a merge instead of throwing .rej files around

This made me think about MQ, throw-away branches and Overlay
repositories [1].  Implementing a patch series as linked revlogs could
bring the merge machinery in Mercurial core to MQ.  Also most of the
truncation in the original revlogs would be avoided, reducing the risks
introduced by the MQ extension (with the obvious exception of
"qimport -r").

However, I'm not sure if it would make sense.  It probably would make
more sense to use overlay repositories for a trashable experimental
branches extension.



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