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Tue Aug 11 10:02:00 CDT 2009

Isaac Jurado wrote:
> Replying Dirkjan Ochtman:
>> So people invariably complain that MQ is hard to use. On the other
>> hand, everyone recognizes that it's also quite powerful. I'd like to
>> fix the former without losing the latter. Therefore, I have a few
>> proposals to improve on the current situation:
> Aside from these proposals, wasn't there some plan to integrate some
> functionality from Attic into MQ?  Or that is a long term issue?
There is a plan to do this.
it was on 
but it appears that the new software doesn't support a page that large
So I moved it to the hgattic wiki:

>> - make qpush try a merge instead of throwing .rej files around
> This made me think about MQ, throw-away branches and Overlay
> repositories [1].  Implementing a patch series as linked revlogs could
> bring the merge machinery in Mercurial core to MQ.  Also most of the
> truncation in the original revlogs would be avoided, reducing the risks
> introduced by the MQ extension (with the obvious exception of
> "qimport -r").
> However, I'm not sure if it would make sense.  It probably would make
> more sense to use overlay repositories for a trashable experimental
> branches extension.
> Cheers.
> [1]

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