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Isaac Jurado diptongo at
Tue Aug 11 18:40:31 CDT 2009

Replying Christian Boos:
> New behavior for qref would be:
>  - "qref <files>" or "qref -I <included>" would just add the changes
>  in <files> or <included> patterns, but will not include the changes
>  from any other files, nor will it remove any currently recorded
>  change.
>  - "qref" would be a shortcut for "qref -I '**'" (i.e. get everything
>  in the patch)
>  - "qref -X <excluded>" would add changes from every files but the
>  <excluded> ones, i.e. this won't remove other changes currently
>  recorded in the patch.
> Conversely:
>  - "qsplit <files>" or "qsplit -I <included>" would just remove the
>  changes in the patch concerning <files> or <included> patterns and
>  make them local changes (.rej files if there are already local
>  changes there, or abort?)
>  - "qsplit" would be a shortcut for "qsplit -I '**'" (i.e. remove
>  everything from the patch) - "qsplit -X <excluded>" would remove
>  every changes from the patch but those belonging to the <excluded>
>  files, which will be kept in the patch

In such case, would "qrefresh" and "qsplit" be the appropriate command

Isaac Jurado

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