Integrating extensions into core?

Dan Villiom Podlaski Christiansen danchr at
Fri Aug 14 11:04:51 CDT 2009

On 14/08/2009, at 17.34, Steve Borho wrote:

> My 2c.
> I would prefer some sort of markup that would also allow GUI apps to
> wrap color/font tags around the marked up text.

That should be possible with what I'm proposing: GUI clients would  
provide alternate expansions for the fundamental formats/styles. In my  
opinion, yet another markup language would only complicate matters  
further. (Unless, of course, ReST could be used for this in a way that  
would remain fast for plain text.)

In fact, one of the motivations for my proposal is to allow more than  
one formatting backend! I imagine an initial implementation would have  
two expansions: curses and HTML/CSS. The TortoiseHg developers could  
then use either or supply new ones using RTF, XAML or whathaveyou :)

 From my perspective, the user facing side of Mercurial would benefit  
from being more flexible and easier to embed. I consider this proposal  
a step down that road, whilst improving the regular command line and  
web interfaces. Another idea I've been toying with is to make the UI  
more interactive and customisable through some sort of event-based or  
diagnostic system. For example, ‘forcable’ situations could be  
generalised and handled different depending on nature of the UI,  
options or interactivity. Internationalisation efforts should also  
benefit from less dependance on English phrasing. I expect that to be  
a somewhat harder sell — once/if I figure out how to do it, of course ;)


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